The Founders

After graduating from college at Liberty University, they soon realized, doing life together would require certain intentional effort since both, David and Dustin, transitioned from the flexibility of University life to full-time work. 

"The battle against our hermit-nature to live outside of community called for a realignment; a dedication of our mornings for togetherness, to get into The Word, pray, and in deed do life together. That was when the coffee came. 

It was in these early mornings when our own coffee experience was formed.
We learned about the authentic cup and the power behind the atmosphere coffee brings. 
After growing in knowledge about specialty coffee and hand brewing methods, we decided to take a leap to start Coffee : Experience.

We are dedicated from a place of personal passion to help those in our Dallas/ Fort Worth community to build and cultivate their own atmospheres of authenticity through your very own Coffee : Experience. We would love to be part of your next event!"