You have found the Pre-Launch page for our Hand-crafted Coffee : Bars built in collaboration with Build Workshop.

In the next couple of months, we will be fine tuning every aspect of the launch for our Coffee : Bars and...


Finding this page means you are a part of our start-up's community and we want to learn, research, and prepare with you. 

Want to be a part? 

  1. Fill out some information below
    - It will tell us what you would want in your personal Community Building Coffee : Bar 

  2. Take a look at some photos
    - These highlight one of our bars - the "Little Guy", [from our Coffee : Bar Launch Party, (photos by the incredible Fort Worth Locals)] 

  3. Send the information our way to purchase
    - In return for your support and periodic feedback, we will give you a 20%+ discount on your bar! 

We are extremely excited about these bars and want to ensure that they are perfectly crafted to Build : Community in your home, workspace, or restaurant. 

It's all about #YourCoffeeExperience.

This is what we have called, the "Little Guy" behind closed doors. It's one of our 3 lines of Coffee : Bars. 

Others include our "To-Go" (Specialized design allows you to fold your Hand-Crafted Coffee : Bar and take it on the go) and "Full Standard" (Beautifully crafted with all the shelving, electrical capability, and unique coffee features you could only dream of from a bar)

Our "Little Guy" is meant to fit into smaller spaces. Easily mobile inside of a house, apartment, office space, or even an additional service at a restaurant. This guy takes your entertainment and coffee game to a whole new level!

Our Coffee : Bars are the single most unique and powerful way that we Build : Community around Authentic : Coffee everywhere we go.
We wanted to share that tool with everyone.
— Dustin & David, Co-Founders of C:E

Send us some information to start your Hand-Crafted Coffee : Bar Build process.

We will be working closely with you along the way. This is just to get the conversation started!

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