The Coffee : Experience Story

Co-Founders (Dustin Sandoval and David Hayes) started Coffee : Experience (C:E) out of a place of personal passion for Coffee and Community. 

2 years ago, they decided to set aside mornings to come together to begin their days in rest and relationship…and drink a cup of coffee of course! 
It was out of these mornings that Coffee : Experience was formed.

Starting from humble beginnings, knowing close to nothing about craft coffee, they delved into what it takes to create, what C:E calls, an Authentic Cup of coffee and learned the power behind the Community Atmosphere that sharing a cup of coffee brings.

After experiencing this for themselves, they decided to take a leap and share this experience with friends.

C:E's first Experience happened on Halloween at a small house party with a group of incredible people C:E calls our closest coffee : friends. We brought our coffee bar, some quality roasted coffee, and just enough coffee knowledge to look cool without having a clue what we were doing. Dustin and David poured coffee from 7:30 to 10:30pm without stopping (except to fill-up our 1 gallon water heater every couple minutes) and people were hooked!

From that event, we began to organically book events and have since been blessed with the incredible opportunity to share the Coffee : Experience with hundreds, now thousands, of people. 

Let's just say that we have learned quite a bit since that first Halloween Experience, yet we have not lost a step in passionately sharing the Coffee : Experience with anyone and everyone, because really, it's #YourCoffeeExperience.

We look forward to serving your next event!


As Coffee : Experience, we are dedicated, from a place of personal passion, to provide Authentic Cups of coffee that build a Community Atmosphere where you are. It’s #YourCoffeeExperience.